How to get bulk Hong Kong virtual mobile numbers online for free? Here are 12 sites for you. [2017]

In case you are searching for bulk virtual Hong Kong phone numbers then I have a list of websites that can help you. For people who are confused, let me explain what a virtual number is. A virtual number is a phone number for which you do not need a valid SIM card. You can use these numbers online, hence making them virtual.

Hong Kong Virtual Phone Number
Hong Kong Virtual Phone Number

You can use these numbers to verify your accounts and many other purposes. By installing VoIP applications, you can also use these number to make voice calls.

You do not have to verify your identity or register an account to use these services. You don’t have to give an e-mail ID or valid mobile number. All you need to do is visit these websites and request for the numbers. You may have to state the purpose of these bulk numbers at times.

The websites below have been providing their services for a very long time. They are trustworthy and dependable. There are no hidden charges for the SMS services you use and you don’t have to worry about paying bills of any sort. This means that you can basically use all the services on these numbers for no cost.

Yet, if you want to verify them, they have free numbers which you can test. Just visit the websites and use any one of the free numbers. You can see that you will receive the SMS sent to the numbers in seconds on the website. Enter the verification code and you can use your application services against that number.

You may think why not use the free numbers instead of buying bulk numbers. The problem is that these free numbers can be used by anyone. This means that the number isn’t exclusive. Anyone can use the same number for another account and this may cause problems. This also means your accounts are less secure.

Instead, you can buy these numbers for bulk easily by contacting the people behind the website. The contact details are available on the websites itself. The price of these numbers varies from different sites so be sure to check them all out. Payment can be done through PayPal or even Bitcoin.

Using these virtual phone numbers serve as a good alternative to have a secondary number. I would suggest not to use these numbers for money transactions as it is more secure to use a personal SIM service for such situations.

In case you want numbers from other countries, you can also request these sites for numbers other than Hong Kong ones. Just send an e-mail to them in case of any query or problem and they will work on it as soon as possible.

As I promised, here are 12 websites that provide virtual mobile numbers from Hong Kong for bulk. Enjoy.



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