Alternative to bypass OTP phone verification

As avid users of many applications, we sometimes feel hesitant to share our personal mobile numbers to create our user profiles. Some want to avoid a flood of promotional messages and some others want to prevent potential troublemakers to gain access to their private information. A very few number of them though, do it because they aspire to be James Bond, remaining discreet and using fake numbers to remain safe from the secret services trying to track them down. There is a simple solution to help all these people to bypass OTP verification and in effect, keep their private numbers secure.

There are many websites online that let people read SMS’ received by public numbers. All one has to do, is enter a number shared on such websites while the app or website asks them, and then they can find the OTP code on the webpage (after reloading it a couple of times). In this manner, one can verify their accounts in a legit manner, without having to share their private phone number.

Some of these websites though, seem to have stopped working. Below, a few sites are listed which work actively. One can get their OTP in a matter of seconds, using these websites.

Note: Please do not use the numbers on these websites to verify bank or financial accounts. The messages sent to these can be read by anyone accessing the page and isn’t secure for such transactions.

The above website provides a free service to receive SMS online. They have five working US phone numbers. One can also request for more numbers and buy a personal virtual number by sending an e-mail to the developers. They give a swift response and also intend to add numbers from other countries based on requisition.

This website gives free services to receive SMS online as well. They provide numbers from US, UK, Germany, Brazil, Russia, France, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Indonesia, Israel, Spain and Honk-Kong. Few numbers don’t work as they are expected to but most of them do.

Another website that provides multiple free numbers from different countries. They also have an app that can be installed and used by Android users from Play Store.

This is another online service which allows you to protect your online privacy by using their virtual phone numbers. They have free numbers but one can purchase private numbers from them as well. They have virtual phone numbers from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico, Spain Israel, South Africa. They accept PayPal, Bitcoin and Western Union as payment methods.

textPlus: Free Text & Calls App

This app, which can be found on the Play Store, not only helps you verify OTPs but gives you a free private US number. The user can register for free and use unlimited SMS services. It also allows usage of the number for calling and voicemail, providing a perfect alternative for a second number. It comes with ads though but one can easily unsubscribe by purchasing a subscription.


By using the above websites and apps, users can easily bypass OTP verification and keep their private numbers hidden and secure from the prying eyes of government agents. Stay safe, Mr. Bond.

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