[2017] Top 28 sites offering US virtual phone numbers to receive SMS online

Do you not want to share your mobile number with an application? Or do you want to verify your account with an alternative number? Or do you want to create a secondary account but do not have another number for account verification? Or do you want to use a US number although you don’t live in the States for reasons unknown? Or do you want to avoid the promotional messages and offers from various companies? There is an answer to all these questions.

All you need to do is use the virtual numbers listed on the websites I have mentioned below. You just have to visit the website, choose a number you want to use and read the messages received on the webpage. Normally, you would receive the SMS in about thirty seconds. These sites have been verified and they all have active, working US numbers.

United States
United States

You can avail these services for no cost whatsoever, and also without registration. You don’t have to enter an e-mail ID or valid mobile number. Basically, you remain anonymous.

The messages you receive though, can be read by anyone accessing the webpage. So, it may not be the ideal place to run shady deals or have a private conversation. But worry not, because there is a solution for this as well. Most of the websites listed below, offer private US numbers as well. This means that you can have a private, virtual number all for yourself, without actually owning it. One can get a private number by simply contacting the developers of the websites through e-mail and ask them for a private number.

The private numbers though, come at a cost. The price varies from each website, so you may want to look through all the sites for the best price. You can then make the payment through PayPal or BitCoin or any other service the developers accept.

One can also buy bulk numbers from these websites by requesting the developers.

Anyhow, here’s the list of websites that you can use.

  • receivesmsonline.com
  • receivesms.online
  • receive-a-sms.com
  • receive-sms-online.info
  • sms-online.co
  • receiveonlinesms.com
  • sms.ndtan.net
  • receivesmsonline.net
  • smsreceivefree.com
  • verify-sms.com
  • receive-sms.com
  • receivefreesms.com
  • smsmarketingcom.com
  • freeallsms.com
  • getfreesmsnumber.com
  • smsreceiveonline.com
  • receive-smsonline.net
  • mytrashmobile.com
  • ireceivesmsonline.com
  • viponumber.com
  • receiveonlinesms.biz
  • anon-sms.com
  • freeonlinephone.org
  • smsonlineempfangen.com
  • receivesmsonline.in
  • receivesmsonline.me
  • freesmsverification.com
  • receivesmsverification.com

The websites above not only offer US numbers. Some of them provide numbers from the UK, Canada, Russia, Singapore, China and many other countries as well. If you do not find a number from the country you want, you can once again contact the developers for help. They may or may not add numbers from your country, depending on the traffic generated from that country. But it is worth giving a try.

If a number does not work as expected, you can inform the developers. They will rectify the problem or update the numbers. You can also use these numbers to make phone calls. You just have to install an app that gives VoIP services and verify your account with the number. This way, you can make calls to your friends using US numbers or from other country as well.

I hope this article worked for you.

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