14 online Canadian fake phone numbers provider list [2017]

Canadian numbers are the numbers with a country code of +1, which is same as the US. Given below are a list of Canadian fake phone numbers providers. These providers give their services for free. You don’t have to be from Canada to be able to use these numbers. You don’t have to register to these websites with a valid e-mail account or phone number. You just have to visit these websites and use the listed numbers for your purpose.

Fake phone numbers are usually used to verify accounts on social media sites and dating sites. They are used to receive and view the verification SMS online without using your private number. SMS verification is nowadays common in almost every application to verify mobiles. You can use the Canadian numbers on these applications to verify your accounts.

Visit one of the websites below and choose a Canadian number. Enter the Canadian number in the app and wait to receive SMS on the webpage. Once you receive the SMS, enter the one time password you received to successfully verify your account. This way, you can use a Canadian number to verify your accounts.

The numbers on the website can be used for free. But they can be used by anyone using the website. This means that a same Canadian number may be used to verify many accounts of different people. Sometimes, this makes the numbers invalid for verification.

In such a situation, you can opt to buy a private number. A private number means that you are the only person allowed to use the fake Canadian number. This ensures security of your profiles and data. Again, there is no need to register to get a private number. All you need to do is use the contact details on the website and send them a mail asking for a private number. Most of the websites below, send replies within a day or two. You can then negotiate for a reasonable price and get a private number.

These websites not only offer Canadian numbers but numbers from other countries too. You can request for numbers from your country if you don’t find them. Most websites provide US and UK numbers and some give Russian and Chinese numbers as well.

Most of the online websites, stop working after some time but these websites have been verified. In case a number doesn’t work, visit the site again after a week. The numbers on these sites are updated very often, to make sure that there is no problem faced.

If you want to, the websites below also provide bulk numbers services. You can buy these services by using the contact details on the websites.

Anyhow, here is a list of fourteen Canadian fake phone number providers. I hope you enjoy these services and make the best and right use of it. You are welcome.

  1. receivesmsonline.com
  2. receive-a-sms.com
  3. sms-online.co
  4. sms.ndtan.net
  5. smsreceivefree.com
  6. receivefreesms.com
  7. smsmarketingcom.com
  8. freeallsms.com
  9. getfreesmsnumber.com
  10. smsreceiveonline.com
  11. receive-smsonline.net
  12. mytrashmobile.com
  13. ireceivesmsonline.com
  14. viponumber.com

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